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Lessfs-0.8.0 is available for download.

Change log: Fixes a possible segfault when lessfs is used with lzo compression. Fixes a problem when compiling lessfs without encryption on a system without openssl-devel. Enhances the logging facility. Performance has improved on higher latency storage like drbd or … Continue reading

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Lessfs-0.7.5 is available for download.

Fixes a segfault on free after unmounting lessfs without encryption support. Fixes a problem that could lead to a deadlock when using file_io with NFS. A performance improvement, changed a mutex lock for a spinlock, to improve data throughput.

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Lessfs-0.7.4 is now available for download.

This version of lessfs introduces a new hash named Blue Midnight Whish. This is a very fast hash that increases lessfs performance significantly. The implementation makes it easy to use any of the hashes from the NIST hash competition. BMW … Continue reading

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Lessfs-0.7.2 Released.

Lessfs-0.7.2 fixes a typo in lib_tc.c that could potentially lead to data corruption. Please upgrade a.s.a.p. when you use lessfs-0.7.1 with the tokyocabinet data store. Older releases are not effected. Lessfs-0.7.2 also contains a minor performance enhancement.

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Lessfs 0.7.1 released

This new release improves performance in general. It adds a new storage method for the data that is stored. Previous lessfs versions would store the data in tokyocabinet. The new file_io backend allows to store the data in a regular … Continue reading

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