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Lessfs-1.1.6-testing is available for download.

Lessfs with background deletion and truncation. Today I decided to upload a pre-release of lessfs-1.1.6. It has a new feature that a number of users have been lobbying fore. The feature is background deletion / truncation of files. Let me … Continue reading

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Lessfs-1.1.5 is now available for download

This version improves crash recovery and solves a potential deadlock when lessfs is used with samba. Lessfs now inserts test transactions in the databases when lessfs is mounted. When a transactions fails the database it automatically optimized. Instead of halting … Continue reading

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Lessfs-1.1.3 is available.

This release fixes a problem where lessfs would leave orphaned data chunks in the system under high load. A number of issues with lessfschk has also been solved.

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Lessfs-1.1.2 has been released.

Everyone who is using a 1.1.x release is encouraged to upgrade to this version. It solves a race condition that will crash lessfs when it is put under heavy load. This release also improves performance.

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