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TIER-0.2.3 is available for download

This release of tier makes it possible to disable or enable data migration via sysfs. To disable migration: echo 1>/sys/block/tiera/tier/disable_migration To enable migration: echo 0>/sys/block/tiera/tier/disable_migration When migration is re-enabled the migration process will immediately wake up and start. This feature … Continue reading

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How TIER works Tier is a Linux kernel block device that aggregates multiple devices of different nature into one virtual block device. The idea is to combine ( expensive ) fast and ( affordable ) slow devices to build a … Continue reading

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TIER-0.2.0 has been released

Tier-0.2.0 adds crash recovery and some bug fixes. A brief benchmark of tier, flashcache and bcache with fio shows these results: flashcache read : io=16635MB, bw=56778KB/s, iops=14194 , runt=300017msec read : io=872528KB, bw=2908.4KB/s, iops=727 , runt=300007msec write: io=8237.5MB, bw=28117KB/s, iops=7029 … Continue reading

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