Lessfs-0.9.2 is available for download.

This release fixes some problems where permissions where not properly set on open files. It also fixes a problem with an incorrect link count of directories. Performance for some meta data operations has also improved.

Working towards 1.0 stable…

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2 Responses to Lessfs-0.9.2 is available for download.

  1. Taras says:

    Hi I tried latest lessfs and it’s a tad on the slow side, I used the default config file but with

    It took me a good number of hours to copy a 63gb file into it(like 4?). lessfs compacted the image down to 13gb.It then took me 768minutes to cp myimage.img backup.img within lessfs. Ie it was 3x slower. l

    What’s most worrying is that virt mem usage went from ~1000m to 1466m and that operation and I went 500mb into swap(got 2gb of ram). I’m guessing there is a memory leak in lessfs as I’m not running much else on the server.

    So two questions:
    Is there a memory leak?
    Can lessfs be configured to be faster? It seems like a cp operation within lessfs should be faster rather than slower than copying stuff in.

    I’m running fedora 12 on a 1.6ghz atom.

    • maru says:

      Hi Taras,

      Did you use big_writes with a larger then 4k blocksize? See the ‘README.performance_or_suffer’ file in lessfs.xxxx.tar.gz
      With a 64k block size even on a laptop 30MB/Sec should be possible.

      The default configuration file will allow lessfs to use 512MB of memory for caching. Lessfs will need some additional memory for keeping the tokyocabinet databases in memory.
      There has been a memory leak in lessfs <0.9.4 with file_io.
      Please upgrade to lessfs-0.9.4.


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