Lessfs-1.0.8 is released.

Users who are planning to upgrade from earlier lessfs versions without transaction support should only use this version when they use the file_io backend. You will loose data when you upgrade an older lessfs version to lessfs-1.0.4..lessfs-1.0.7 when you use the file_io backend!

This release enables lessfs to be mounted without the need to specify other options then the configuration file and the mountpoint. Please consult the manual for more details. Eric D. Garver contributed a patch that makes the build process less picky about missing GNU files like INSTALL and NEWS. A bug in lessfs_read has been found by extensive testing with fsx-linux. In cases where a sparse block of data would be followed by a normal block, lessfs_read would return wrong data in some cases. Added automatic migration support for older lessfs versions.

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6 Responses to Lessfs-1.0.8 is released.

  1. Ozgur Akan says:

    Great work ! Thanks. Amazing functionality and open source, it couldn’t get any better.

  2. Jay says:

    Thanks a lot for your great job!

    Currently i’m running LESSFS 1.0.8, compiled from source, on my Gentoo 32-Bit Notebook (2.4 GHz Intel Core2Duo with 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD).

    Thanks to Data Deduplicating w/ LESSFS the Disk Amount of my 4 KVM Ubuntu Instances (Testfarm for GlusterFS) went down from approx. 9 GB to 1.8 GB:

    brunk@jay ~/vmware/gluster $ ls -lhs
    total 8.9G
    512 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4.0K Apr 1 15:47 lost+found
    2.6G -rw——- 1 brunk users 2.6G Apr 1 16:55 server-1.qcow2
    641M -rw——- 1 brunk users 641M Apr 1 16:30 server-1.qcow2.new
    2.4G -rw——- 1 brunk users 2.4G Apr 1 16:55 server-2.qcow2
    1.7G -rw——- 1 brunk users 1.7G Apr 1 16:55 server-3.qcow2
    1.7G -rw——- 1 brunk users 1.7G Apr 1 16:55 server-4.qcow2
    128K -rwx—— 1 brunk users 757 Apr 1 16:34 start-server.sh

    jay ~ # du -sch /data/*
    1.7G /data/dta
    60M /data/mta
    1.8G total

    Best Regards, Jay

  3. Alex says:

    Hi there, updated without problems :)

    Still using it for a long time now, no problem updating from previous version (using TC Backend).

    Transaction support has been a great enhancement, saving a lot of time on a server crash i had, (ran out of memory) and recovered in a minute ! Nice !

    Great job !

  4. Adnan Riaz says:

    upgraded without any problems.

    Would love to see dedupe and compression ratios stats from lessfs in future versions.

    Also, if backupexec backups can also be deduped, that would be a great advantage for us.

  5. Dave Jazz says:

    Dear All,

    Please show me… howto testing lessfs?

    I already tried to copy some .iso (same file, different name) to the less fs mounting folder, but the size can’t decrease…

    Please show me step by step, thanks

  6. Hello. Fantastic job, if I wasn’t so busy with my school work I read your total site. Thanks!

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