This release fixes a number of mostly minor but nevertheless very annoying bugs.

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4 Responses to Lessfs-1.1.0-alpha3

  1. Bas Bleeker says:

    Well, first results are in:
    Syslog reports a couple of hundred events like: “inode 136892 not found to update.” The numbers differ, but are sequential. It occured for a period of time and then stopped.
    Will do a fsck to see if there are problems.
    When doing a rsync backup I noticed a freeze in transfers for 5 to 10 minutes, to then continue for a few minutes, and then freeze again.
    I have a Hyperthreading Xeon processor where the one of the lessfs processes seems to get a lot of CPU. Resulting in one 100% CPU load an the other arount 10-20%.
    Will continue to investigate.
    Groetjes, Bas

    • Mark says:

      The “inode not found” message should only be visible with DEBUG compiled. I changed it when I was debugging and forgot to change it back.

      The ‘freeze’ behavior is most likely caused by the transaction commit interval specified in lessfs.cfg.

  2. Bas Bleeker says:

    Hi Mark,

    Tried to change the commit interval to 300 seconds to see what that does. The situation seems the same. Also changed the SYNC_RELAX to 2.
    To be sure where the timeout came from, I checked the backup machine running lessfs. When I did a “ls” in the lessfs filesystem, it also took ages (like in 10 minutes, or so but only for the first time).
    The hangs during an rsync are becoming worse. Now up to 12 minutes and more (changed the rsyncd timeout to 900 sec and still getting timeout errors)
    Tried disabling Hyperthreading & returning MAX_THREADS to 2. Both actions had no, effect, at least with the “ls” command.
    I hope I’m being complete with the data. If you need more, let me know.

    Greetings, Bas

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