Lessfs-1.1.0-beta1 has been removed from Sourceforge since it introduced a critical bug.

A new version will be uploaded shortly.

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3 Responses to Lessfs-1.1.0-beta1

  1. Tamas Papp says:


    This project seems to be interesting to me. Unfortunately I see, there are critical bugs still many times, so it’s not production ready. What do you think, when it will be?

    Anyway, congratulations!

    Thank you,


  2. maru says:

    Lessfs-1.0.8 is stable enough for use as non primary storage.
    This version of lessfs has been designed for backup purposes.

    The upcoming 1.1.x release aims to be ready for use as primary storage with ietd of scst.
    Lessfs 1.1.x is undergoing a wide range of tests and is not ready for production yet.
    Things are improving quickly though.

  3. Morten says:

    Have been using 1.0.8 for secondary storage, from release date and still going.

    We are presenting iSCSI volumes to VMWARE ESX and also using the filesystem directly.

    Thank you for great software.

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