Lessfs- is available for download

This release improves the performance of copying small files (metadata operations) by at least 30~50%. It now takes only 2.3 seconds to copy my /etc directory over to lessfs where it took 8 seconds with lessfs-

time cp -ar /etc /fuse/
real	0m2.250s
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  1. wxp says:

    About lessfs 1.2.0

    First, I config lessfs with the command:
    # ./mklessfs ./examples/slave.cfg (the dta and mta are in the directory /data_lessfs/slave/dta, /data_lessfs/slave/mta)
    # ./lessfs ./examples/slave.cfg /backup_lessfs/

    # ./mklessfs ./examples/master.cfg (the dta and mta are in the directory /data_lessfs/master/dta, /data_lessfs/master/mta)
    # ./lessfs ./examples/master.cfg /sharedir/fuse/

    Then i type the command :
    # du -sh /data_lessfs/
    the result is 145M /data_lessfs/

    After that,
    I cp some files to /sharedir/fuse/, where is the lessfs fs mounted.
    and I rm all files in /sharedir/fuse/ also, then i type the command:

    # du -sh /data_lessfs/
    the result is 945M /data_lessfs/

    why? the correct result may be 145M?
    thank you!

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