Lessfs- is available for download.

This release improves a part of the cache eviction code in lessfs. When you copy a large number of small files that exceed the read cache size then lessfs needs to remove entries from the cache. In this case the new code improves the performance by 40%.

For example :
tar xjf /home/maru/Downloads/linux-2.6.34.tar.bz2 now takes 1m11.810s where it took 2m9.838s with lessfs

This release solves a potential problem where a system could run out of memory when lessfs is mounted and the filesystem contained millions of files on a 32bit system. It also solves a problem with lessfs_stats that was introduced with lessfs-

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One Response to Lessfs- is available for download.

  1. wxp says:

    Hi, how can i update the lesfs from older version to the newer? hehe, I usually installed completely. Thanks

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