Lessfs- is available for download.

This version of lessfs introduces a brand new tool: replogtool

replogtool makes it possible to manually synchronize a lessfs slave server with the master server by simply copying the masters replogfile to the slave and apply it with replogtool like this:

lessfs- ./restart.sh
lessfs- umount /slave
lessfs- cp /data/boot.img /master
lessfs- umount /master
lessfs- ./replogtool -r /data/master/dta/replog.dta -c /etc/lessfs.cfg-slave
The replication log has been processed

lessfs- ./lessfs /etc/lessfs.cfg-slave /slave/
lessfs- md5sum /data/boot.img
md5sum0d8f9a783e3444135d33c4e19f63bc64  /data/boot.img
lessfs- md5sum /slave/boot.img
0d8f9a783e3444135d33c4e19f63bc64  /slave/boot.img

For now both the master and the slave need to be unmounted before the replication logfile can be copied to the slave. replogfile does not truncate the replication logfile after processing it. So do not forget to truncate or delete the masters replogfile after the file has been committed on the slave.

If you want a lessfs server to produce a replication logfile without using the lessfs replication protocol you can just specify these parameters in the configuration of the master:


Setting REPLICATION_PARTNER_IP to -1 indicates that lessfs should not attempt to connect to a slave server.

replogtool can also be used to analyze a replication log file. See the manual for more details.

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One Response to Lessfs- is available for download.

  1. Richard says:

    had some trouble getting this to run. Says it cannot find libhamsterdb.so.2 (installed from ./configure –with_hamsterdb . I could nto find the hamsterdb.spec to build an rpm for hamsterdb. lessfs would not build a rpm withouth hamsterdb-devel, which I could not create)

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