TIER-0.1.7 has been released.

This version of tier comes with some major changes. The caching layer has been removed from the code. EPRD can be used in cases where caching is needed. Also the block size has been changed so that TIER now uses a 1MB block size. This greatly reduces the amount of meta data that has to be stored. TIER will now automatically migrate the data between the different tiers. The policy that determines when a block should be migrated is still hard coded in this release but will be adjustable per tier in future releases. TIER will detect unclean shutdowns and unfinished migrations after unclean shutdown. However this release does not yet handle recovery.

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One Response to TIER-0.1.7 has been released.

  1. dimi says:

    Hi Mark
    Thanks for your new release i will test it!
    At the moment how is determined the moving from device?

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