btier- has been released

This release solves a bug that can lead to loss of data when btier is used with SSD’s and a recent kernel that supports discard / trim.

Upgrading is highly recommended.

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3 Responses to btier- has been released

  1. Colin says:


    It looks like btier is a very solid caching product – significantly faster than flashcache or bcache. But it does not seem to be getting as much publicity, why is this?

    What does it take to add btier to Centos? For example, patch the kernal followed by a full kernal re-compile, or something more modest.

    How difficult is it to setup compared to Flashcache and Bcache?

    Thanks, Colin

  2. Aleksi says:

    Does btier have built-in trim support?
    I don’t see this mentioned anywhere. So should i set aside 12% of the SSD capacity in order to keep performance top notch all the time, or does btier handle trimming?

  3. matt says:

    unless you bought an Intel 3700 enterprise drive, you’ll want to configure your SSDs with no less than 25% spare area and 30% would be better. Most consumer drives only have 7% which is grossly inadequate in these kinds of workloads.

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